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It was announced on June 5, 2017, that the CWHL was expanding to China with Kunlun Red Star WIH, a team controlled by Kunlun Red Star of the Kontinental Hockey League, and the Vanke Rays. Each team was set to play six games against its five rivals for a total of 30 games, 15 at home and 15 on the road. In order to minimize travel, each North America-based team made one road trip to China to play a three-game series. The announced reason for the China expansion is for the nation to develop its hockey teams in preparation for its recently awarded 2022 Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing. The league announced on April 19, 2011, that it would merge with the Western Women’s Hockey League for the 2011–12 season. The merger featured one team based in both Edmonton and Calgary as a combination of the former WWHL franchises the Edmonton Chimos and Strathmore Rockies.

The ballot was not needed, for citizenship was to be exercised through personal influence and moral suasion, through the election of men with strong moral character and through raising public-spirited sons. The National Council position was integrated into its nation-building program that sought to uphold Canada as a white settler nation. While the women’s suffrage movement was important for extending the political rights of white women, it was also authorized through race-based arguments that linked white women’s enfranchisement to the need to protect the nation from « racial degeneration ». The WCTU was always committed to prohibition and suffrage, but it had alternative priorities as well.

Epidemiologically, certain medical conditions are unique to women, while others are more prevalent, reflecting the differences in women’s experiences . For example, women are twice more likely to experience depression at some point in life when compared to men . This has been attributed to the unique experiences of women such as postpartum depression, menopause and the additional stresses of dual work days consisting of paid employment, and unpaid domestic labour . Unfortunately, even when women are included in clinical trials, researchers often fail to determine whether the gender of the study subject affected the outcomes .

  • Female surgeons reported that mentoring and leadership were deficient in their training and career, leading to challenges in their professional development and a sense of isolation.
  • To increase the analytical diversity of the research team, a third context expert reviewed the raw data and discussed emergent themes with the coders.
  • The open-text responses indicated that surgeons had been penalized in the past for being confident, candid, assertive, decisive, and accomplished.
  • Women’s military involvement paved the way for women’s future involvement in combative roles.
  • The staff of the Toronto Furies and Les Canadiennes announced that their organizations intended to continue operations while the Calgary Inferno stated they would continue to support women’s hockey in Alberta.

It places the male as standard or the norm in society in relation to women who are the other or minority. The process of othering is a type of oppression which is endorsed by those who have knowledge, and power and use this to achieve a particular political agenda in its goal of domination . On the whole, researchers must account for both biological and gender-based differences in their findings in order to properly attribute drug responses. Crucial factors to consider are women’s higher life expectancies leaving them prone to chronic diseases requiring the prolonged use of medications.


A number of researchers denote that as a result of possible harmful effects from early phases of trials, women are fortunate to avoid participation. However, more often than not, participants do receive favourable outcomes if proper guidelines and safety precautions are followed. They also experience better attendant care and benefit psychologically regardless of being issued the real treatment or a placebo. In light of these findings, a mandatory shift towards a justification model for excluding pregnant women from important clinical research is recommended. In other words, pregnant women should be included in research unless there is reasonable justification that the tested drug will produce harm to either the mother or the fetus . She is a graduate of the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design, a dynamic epicenter for conceptual art practice since the 1960s.

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In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, women made inroads into various professions, including teaching, journalism, social work, and public health. These advances included the establishment of a Women’s Medical College in Toronto in 1883, attributed in part to the persistence of Emily Stowe, the first female doctor to practise in Canada. Stowe’s daughter, Augusta Stowe-Gullen, became the first woman to graduate from a Canadian medical school.

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Female surgeons reported that mentoring and leadership were deficient in their training and career, leading to challenges in their professional development and a sense of isolation. The open-text responses revealed distressing treatment of female surgeons by colleagues and superiors, with comments specific to bullying, sexualized remarks, harassment, and ageism predominating. Health equity in pharmaceutical research is concerned with creating equal opportunities for men and women to partake in clinical trials. Equitable representation is imperative for determining the safety, effectiveness, and tolerance of drugs for all consumers. Historically, women have been excluded from participating in clinical research leading to a lack of knowledge regarding drug effects and their consequences.

The camera records a fleeting moment where something is being signalled, but we as viewers cannot link to a specific narrative. Our Embassy is honoured to display over 180 art pieces by Canadian artists throughout the chancery. However, until recently, these artworks featured few women artists and reflected traditional styles of art. The Embassy’s fine art plan was updated to incorporate pieces highlighting Canada’s diversity, both with respect to visual art styles as well as the artists’ backgrounds. The CWIGH Directory provides an opportunity to recognize the tremendous achievements of the established leaders in global health, as well as the women to watch in the near future .

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